University Auditor, Bruce Tong, Teaches Spring Compliance Course

The School of Information and Telecommunication Systems (ITS) offers a diverse curriculum in the field of Information Technology, ranging from computer network security to IT and telecom policy. One area of IT not previously offered by the program (or any other in the university for that matter), is IT compliance. This changed recently when University Senior IT Auditor, Bruce Tong, was hired to teach a compliance class.

Bruce Tong is an OU alumnus, Air Force veteran and current staff member for the University. His professional experience spans several industries with roles such as – programmer, technical consultant, project manager, and his current role as internal auditor.

Tong’s level of expertise impressed the members of the ITS faculty and staff. This led them to approach him for a compliance course.

“As I understand it, a meeting with Doug Bowie about a future audit and security controls apparently made enough of an impression that he mentioned it to his colleagues. Later, I provided a resume, and they approached me about teaching a Compliance course” said Tong.

The result is the first ITS compliance course for both undergrad and grad ITS students. Topics of the course include understanding risk, compliance with industry and government regulations, and controls. However, despite the subject material, this course is not only useful to future consultants and auditors, a number of these topics are relevant to any technology major, including prospective engineers or managers.

“I like the story that comes along with auditing and understanding compliance,” says Tong. “Early in my career, I learned how to put together computers and information systems. Now as an auditor and instructor, I am learning and teaching how to take them apart.”

ITS Compliance is currently a special topics course. No word on whether it will become a full elective in the future. However, stay posted for details on the course’s availability in future semesters.  

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