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Say Hello to Graduating Senior, Ryan Hill!


The school of ITS is home to a number of students dedicated to furthering their education and skills in all things IT related. A prime example of this is graduating senior, Ryan Hill.

Ryan Hill is a senior in the program, originally from Lancaster, Ohio. Before he made the switch to ITS as a sophomore, he was a Computer Science major.

“I was always interested in hardware and networking, but I originally wasn’t pointed in the right direction,” said Hill. “After my freshman year, I realized coding isn’t what I wanted to do, and with some help from both my CS advisor and Phil Campbell, I made the switch.”

Once he transferred into the program, Hill was immersed in an educational program filled with computer networking, security and infrastructure information. “I have taken all of the required classes, along with the multiple security electives and internet engineering,” said Hill. “I think this program does a good job of laying the foundations for IT, which is very important.”

Outside of class, Hill has also experimented with virtualization, thanks in part to the direction given to him by Doug Bowie during Bobcat Network Innovation Center (BNIC) meetings.  “I have pretty much purchased a good portion of the same equipment that the university’s data center uses. I have everything from servers to storage area network devices,” said Hill. “This home project experience helped me land an internship with the City of Athens.”

In this job, Hill performed a number of IT tasks, including (but not limited to) – desktop support, computer networking, upgrading and patching environments and managing the city’s VR environment. Ultimately, this experience prepared him to intern with Progressive Insurance, where he continued working with virtual environments, as well as physical data center work, and tier 3 support.

“When you’re looking at 50 to 60 thousand employees needing support across the United States, it really brings home the fact that you’ve gained a really valuable amount of experience,” said Hill.

As a result of his successful internship, Hill has been offered a full time position with Progressive Insurance, starting this summer. Hill has one final comment about ITS: “The thing I like about this program is that the faculty and staff are always there for you. I am really looking forward to following the developments of the program after graduation.”

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