Online MITS Student Spotlight: Kim Rometo


Kim Rometo
(2019 update:  Kim graduated with her MITS degree in 2014 and is now the VP, CIO of the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium.)

Kim graduated from Ohio University in 2004 after majoring in ITS with a minor in business administration.  Her first job after graduation was with AT&T, but within her first year she was recruited by AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia.  She has now been with the company for about nine years as the director of telecommunications.

Kim is currently in her second year of the Master’s of Information and Telecommunication Systems (MITS) program.  She knew about the resident master’s program but living in Georgia, she was unable to be a student on campus in Athens. However, when she learned that students could take the Master’s program remotely, she applied and was accepted.

Kim has thoroughly enjoyed her experience, even though it has been quite a challenge to balance work and school. It has been difficult because there is little to no free time, although she reiterates how much she believes that it is worth it.

She has found the topics she is learning about through the MITS program are immediately applicable to her job. She has joked with her co-workers that if she is learning it in school, she will do it in the office, and it has been true many times.

Kim has found the relationships with other remote students who are balancing school and work to be extremely rewarding and she has enjoyed sharing experiences and ideas with other students in similar situations. Kim strongly encourages anyone who is interested to apply and firmly believes they will not be disappointed!


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