Undergraduate Program Overview

Whenever you browse the Web, make a telephone call or send a text, information network technology is at work. The McClure School will prepare you for a career in the rapidly growing information network technology field. We offer both a bachelor of science in communication (undergraduate checksheet) and a minor in ITS (ITS minor checksheet).

ITS professionals take the hardware and software created by engineers and put it to work, designing and managing networks of equipment that individuals, businesses, and governments use to communicate. You don’t have to be a math or science whiz!

Our unique program combines classroom learning with hands-on application of that learning in our extensive laboratory facilities. We also can help you find internships and connect you with alumni who can give you the benefit of their real-world experience.

Learn more about our undergraduate program as you explore this website and by downloading our undergraduate brochure. See course descriptions at  Undergraduate Majors.    You can also contact us for more information.

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