John C. Hoag

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Associate Professor

John C. Hoag, PhD

Office : Schoonover Center 366

Phone : 1-614-882-0858
E-mail :

McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems
Associate Professor, promoted with tenure, 2007-present
Assistant Professor, tenure-track, 2001-2007
Visiting Assistant Professor, 1998-2001
Center for Energy, Economics, and the Environment (CE3), Associate
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
Adjunct Associate Professor, 2013-present
Visiting Associate Professor, 2012-2013


Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2000
Major in Integrated Systems Engineering, Jane M. Fraser, Advisor
Thesis: Service Quality Principles for Public Broadband Networks
Graduate Research Associate, The National Regulatory Research Institute
Graduate Teaching Associate, ISE513, Queuing Theory

M.S., The Ohio State University, 1985
Major in Integrated Systems Engineering, Thomas H. Rockwell, Advisor
Graduate Research Fellowship, Association of American Railroads
Thesis: An Expert System for Finding Causes of Train Derailments

B.S., The University of Akron, 1983
Major in Computer Science, Math Option
Honors Program; Ohio Board of Regents Scholarship recipient
Phi Sigma Alpha, Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences Honorary


Courses Taught Regularly – Graduate (includes local and remote students)
ITS6290: Theory of Network Management and Design
ITS6790: Theory of Communication Networks
ITS5510: Telecommunications Network Security (Yoked with undergraduate ITS4510)

Courses Taught Regularly – Undergraduate
ITS3110: Technical Foundations for Communications
ITS2010: Understanding Internet Technology

Contact Information

Ohio: Schoonover Center 366, Ohio University, Athens OH 45701

Case: 10900 Euclid Avenue, Olin 802, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland 44106

Home: P.O. Box 484, Lancaster OH 43130-0484
Phone: 614-882-0858 and 216-282-4624
Email: and

Current Activities, Fall, 2012

Great Lakes Energy Institute
Research contributor with K. Loparo and R. Kolacinski in information physics initiative, providing subject matter expertise in telecommunications and cybersecurity subject matter. NSF proposal collaborator in programs: PFI-BIC, CPAS, and Cyber-SEES (in-process).

Lead author on proposal accepted by U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, for $50,000 in support of program development for the 2013 IEEE EnergyTech conference regarding Critical Infrastructure Protection and Microgids.

Presented “End-to-End Latency in Synchrophasor Communications” at the North American Synchrophasor Initiative Working Group Meeting, Data and Network Management Task Team, October, 2013.

Submitted proposal entitled, “Sensor Network Demonstration For Power Blackout Prediction,” to Ohio University Research Council for acquisition and installation of two electric power Phase Monitoring Units (PMUs), one each to be installed in Ohio University and Case.

Technical Program Chair, IEEE Energytech 2013 conference.

Participated in events with: Cleveland FBI Infragard; University of Pittsburgh Ridgeway Center for International Study Studies, DoE/EPRI National Electricity Security Organization, and EPRI Knoxville.

Proposal reviewer on behalf of Robert E. Kahn, Center for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) entitled, “The Role of Architecture in Internet Defense.”

Auditing graduate-level Power Systems course (EE571) at Cleveland State University.


Selected as reviewer for ARRA-funded Connected Nation grant which surveyed broadband use in Ohio.

Selected as reviewer for Elsevier Journal of Telecommunications Policy (JTP).

Research Interests

Smart Grid

Sole research initiative is Smart Grid, the proposed communications network to overlay the U.S. electric system including consumer devices, with these specific tasks:

Analysis and modeling of communications performance for specific SG information transactions, given  factors such as distance, protocols, and the need for encryption.

Development of a microgrid testbed laboratory using programmable logic control (our model is similar to the device used in the Stuxnet attack) and open source SCADA software.

Participation at a national level in standards efforts with the goal of making the SG interoperable and secure.

Participation at a state level with PUCO, other research universities, and industry to create an SG “Innovation Hub” and pursue external funding.

Multiple invited presentations and webinars to members of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners through the Institute for Public Utilities at Michigan State University.

Affiliation with Ohio University’s Center for Energy, Economics, and the Environment (CE3), which is central to Ohio University’s designation as a University System of Ohio Center of Excellence in Energyand the Environment.

National standards development participation roles:

National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) Interagency Review, Interoperability Panel, Cybersecurity Working Group (CSWG)

IEEE P2030

Department of Energy National Energy Sector Cybersecurity Organization (NESCOR)

Team member in proposal led by Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to pursue creation of a Smart Grid Innovation Hub and funding by the U.S. Department of Energy. Participation through auspices of OU CE3 and UCEAO, University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio. The Hubproposal will have three initiatives, one being cybersecurity. Other collaborating institutions include PUCO, Ohio’s investor-owned utilities, Battelle, OSU CESE, and Case Western Reserve University’s Great Lakes Energy Institute as well as Ohio’s Third Frontier Program.

Selected to participate in proposal effort in 2011
Subject-matter expert in Smart Grid cybersecurity
Proposal preparation 1Q2012

Community Networking for Campus and the Region

Significant role in the acquisition of a replacement campus wireless system, whose vendor has just been selected (but not announced). Helped craft procurement strategy that includes two rounds of prototype development in order to contain project risk. With graduate student Emmanuel Odarnao, developed authoritative specifications for roaming with authentication and provided technical analysis of performance observed; also engaged an expert review of recommendations for management.

Continued a longstanding role on the technology steering committee for ConnectOhio, a publicly-funded broadband clearinghouse and advocate. ConnectOhio had a leadership role in Ohio receiving over $200 million in ARRA funds to build telecommunications infrastructure, including over $60 million in southeast Ohio. Goal is to engage students on specific local projects through a technical briefing by several grantees in early 2012.

Prior Research

Critical Infrastructure Protection, co-Principal Investigator of project funded by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners to examine state and federal best policy and technology practices. Project has produced a book-length primer, 2008.

State-Based Network Management. Project collaborates with the Worldwide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG) led by Mr. Chris Gunderson and Dr. Richard Hayes-Roth of the Naval Postgraduate School. This initiative involves several graduate students and has produced peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings which are listed below.

Stochastic Insight into Service Level Modeling. Project is motivated by design tasks completed for the State of Ohio’s wireless network testing (with TRW for Ohio’s Multi-Agency Radio Communication System) and in – process for the State’s fiber optic network (with BearingPoint for OH*1). Project’s second paper has been accepted and involves a graduate student alumna.

Educational Simulation, “Enhancing Undergraduate Learning Experience Using a Critical Analysis Tool,” current Ohio University 1804 Grantee. Project is developing interactive simulations of decision making in television news; collaboration with WOUB Center for Public Media and the Ohio University GRID Lab. Network Emulation Testbed for Quality of Service Protocol Studies, John C. Hoag, Project Diretor, with professors Hans Kruse, Shawn Ostermann, and David Koonce. Supported by the OARnet, Internet2 Test and Evaluation Center (ITEC-Ohio), 2002 Technology Action Fund (now known as Third Frontier Fund, $78,123.

External Funding Proposals


Peer-Reviewed Papers and Conference Activities

Hoag, J.C., S.P. Palavalasa, and S. Bahgat, Bioinformatics Cloud Computing: Infinite Capability or Concealed Constraints? presented at the 2015 Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference, Purdue University.

Hoag, J.C., “Lost and Found Principles” in Telecommunications Education, 2015 Conference of the International Telecommunications Education and Education Association, Washington, D.C.

Hoag, J.C., “Lower Layer Laboratories,” 2015 Conference of the International Telecommunications Education and Education Association, Washington, D.C. (accepted but not presented due to schedule conflict) Hoag, J.C., Infrastructure Education for Big Data and Analytics Position Paper: IBM BDA EDCon 2014.

Hoag, J.C. U.S., E.U. Power Grid Cybersecurity – and a Third Approach 2014 28th IEEE Israel Convention (withdrawn due to conflict in region at time of conference).

Hoag, J.C., S.P. Palavalasa, and R.M. Kolacinski, Requirements for Bioinformation Computation and Communications Infrastructure, presented at 2014 Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

MIT Minerva

Hoag, J.C., “Wide Area Smart Grid Situational Awareness Communications and Concerns,” IEEE EnergyTech2012, Cleveland, Ohio, May 2012.

Hoag, J.C., Campbell, P.D., Show, A.P., Burns, R.D., “Smart Grid for the Telecom Educator and Researcher,” ITERA 2012, the 10th Conference of the International Telecommunications Education and Research Association, April 2012.

Hoag, J.C., Kahjotia, B.K., and Bhagat, S.R., “Smart Grid Functionality as Constrained by Network Performance and Security,” IEEE EnergyTech 2011, Cleveland, Ohio, May 25, 2011.

Hoag, J.C., Klein, S.A., and Kahjotia, B.K., “Constraints or Consequences in the U.S. Electricity Smart Grid,” 2011 12th Annual IEEE/ACM International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems, Philadelphia, PA, May 24, 2011.

Hoag., J.C., Khajotia, B.K., Bhagat, S.R., and Klein, S.A., “Feasibility of Smart Grid Networks with Security and Delay Constraints, 5th Annual Conference of the University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio, April 26, 2011.

“Broadband Performance Testing: Results and a Methodology,” with M. Acharya, ITERA 2010, The 8th Conference of the International Telecommunications Education and Research Association, April 2010.

“Understanding Danger to Critical Telecom Infrastructure: A Risky Business,” 2009 ICN, IEEE 8th Conference on Communication Networks, with Andy Snow and Gary Weckman.

“Telecommunications Ontologies and their Use in State-Based Network Management,” 2007 Conference of the International Telecommunications Education and Research Association.

“A Stochastic “Second” Look at Service Level Agreements,” 2007 Conference of the International Telecommunications Education and Research Association.

“Management of Networks to Ensure Security,” with student David Post, 14th International Conference on Communication Systems Modeling, 2006.

“Semantic Reasoning for Adaptive Management of Telecommunications Networks,” with Prof. Richard-Hayes- Roth, 2006 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics.

“Realtime Reconfiguration of Networks Through A Semantic Web,”2006 IEEE Military Communications (MILCOM) Conference 2006.

“An Architecture for Network Operations and Management Based on State and Services,” 2006 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations & Management Symposium, Broadband Communication Networks Workshop.

“Architecture and Algorithms for Network Management Using Web Services,” 2006 Conference of the International Telecommunications Education and Research Association.

“State Based Network Management: Resource Allocation using Web Services,” 12th International Conference on Telecommunications Systems Management, November, 2005.

“State-Based Network Infrastructure Allocation,” with Chris Gunderson, presented at the 2005 IEEE Military Communications (MILCOM) Conference.

“Telecommunications Systems Failure: The Electricity Blackout of August 14, 2003,” presented at the 12th International Conference on Communication Systems Modeling, 2004.

“Characterization of Internet Traffic and User Classification: Foundations for the Next Generation of Network Emulation,” presented at the 10th International Conference on Communication Systems Modeling, 2002.

“Operational Support Systems for Flow-Through Provisioning in IP Networks,” presented at the 10th International Conference on Communication Systems Modeling, 2002.

“Service Quality for Emerging Telecommunications Infrastructure”, Quarterly Bulletin 21:3, The National Regulatory Research Institute, 2001.

Invited Publications and Presentations

Hoag, J.C., panelist, University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio, UCEAL 6th Annual Conference, Securing Ohio’s Energy and Economic Future, “Smart Research, Smart Grid, Smart Workforce,” April 2, 2012.

Hoag, J.C., Campbell, P.D., Bhaghat, S.R., “Latency Analysis of Smart Grid Security Demand Response Information,” invited paper and presentation at Smart Grid Workshop, “University Research: The Smart Grid in Ohio,” The Ohio State Center for Energy, Sustainability, and Environment, December 12, 2011.

Hoag, J.C., “Interoperability and Security,” Institute for Public Utilities GridSchool, March 10, 2011, Charleston, S.C.

Hoag, J.C., “Cybersecurity Standards and Interoperability for the Smart Grid,” Webinar, Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University, February 22, 2011.

Hoag, J.C., “Systems Perspective on Smart Grid Communications,” Webinar, Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University, February 10, 2011.

“Grid Communications, Standards, and Cybersecurity,” 15th Annual Advanced Regulatory Studies Program, Michigan State University, August, 2010.

“Network Design and System Integration,” 15th Annual Advanced Regulatory Studies Program, Michigan State University, August, 2010.

“2003 Blackout: A Case Study in Utility Interdependency,” with Jeff Pillon, 15th Annual Advanced Regulatory Studies Program, Michigan State University, August, 2010.

“Policies and Protocols for Interoperability, Cybersecurity, and Resilience,” GRIDSCHOOL 2010, The Institute of Public Utilities, Argonne National Laboratories and Michigan State University, March 2010.

“Best Practices for Network Management in Convergence,” Workshop at the 14th International Conference on Communication Systems Modeling.

“From the Electricity Grid to the Telecommunications Grid: A New Paradigm for the Network Management Application,” presented at the W2COG Working Symposium, May, 2005, Intel headquarters, Santa Clara, CA. “State-Based Network Management,” presented at the Ohio State University Industrial and Systems Engineering Autumn 2004 Graduate Seminar Series, November 12, 2004.

“Hybrid Wireless-Fiber Communication System for ITS” with George Saylor, P.E., Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Mid-America Conference, 2004.

“Getting What You Pay For: A New Paradigm For Teaching Network Performance,” Fourth Annual Telecommunications/Information Technology Conference, 2004.

“The Digital Divide and Appalachian Ohio,” Online Journal of Space Communication Issue 5, Society of Satellite Professionals International, 2003.

“Residential Perceptions of Internet Service Quality: Results of a Survey,” Second Annual Telecommunications/Information Technology Conference, Murray State University, 2003.

“Network Emulation Testbed,” Poster Session, “The Convergence of Learning and Technology,” Ohio Learning Network, Columbus, 2003.

Executive Briefing, New Jersey Public Utility Commissioner Connie O. Hughes, The National Regulatory Research Institute, 2002.

“Seminars in Regulatory Engineering,” presented at the 79th National Conference for Regulatory Utility Commission Engineers, 2001.

“211 Implementation Workshop,” presentation at Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Feb. 23, 2001. “Convergence and Centrifugal Forces in Telecommunications,” presented at the 78th National Conference for Regulatory Utility Commission Engineers, 2000.

“Cable Television Technology,” presented at the US West Regional Oversight Conference, 1999.

“Policies on Pricing and Universal Service for Internet Traffic on the Public Switched Network,” co-author, The NARUC Internet Working Group, 1998. I also presented this paper at:

7th Bellcore (now Telcordia) Internet Traffic Engineering Solutions Forum, 1998 (Denver)
NARUC Winter Meeting, 1997 (Boston)
29th Annual Conference on Public Utilities, 1997 (Williamsburg)

“Capacity Planning Issues for Broadband Access,” presented at the 4th INFORMS Telecommunications Conference, 1997.

Telecommunications Service Quality, co-author, The National Regulatory Research Institute, 1996.

“OASIS: A Mirage of Reliability,” Public Utilities Fortnightly, November 1, 1996.

“Electricity Industry Restructuring,” Quarterly Bulletin 17:1-4, 18:1-4, 19:1-2, NRRI.

“Electricity Industry Restructuring,” presented at the Electricity Roundtable, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, 1997.

“Expert System for Finding Causes of Train Derailments,” IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics Conference, 1985.

Service Activities

University, College, and School

Organizing Committee, Creating the Future: Managing Media in the Digital Age, Sept. 7, 2011

Campus Wireless Network Acquisition Team, Office of Information Technology, May, 2010-present

Ohio University Research Committee (OURC), evaluate and fund grants, 2009-present

College search committee, Associate Dean for Research, 2009, completed

Advisory Board, Ohio University Lancaster, Computer Technology (CTCH) program, 2005-

State of Ohio, “Connect Ohio,” Technology Association, technology steering committee 2008-

College Building Committee, School Representative

University Paintball Club, Faculty Advisor

School Scholarship Committee, Chair

Organizer, School field trips
o Winter, 2011: Cincinnati: Fifth Third Bank, Verizon Business
o Spring, 2011: Columbus: Time Warner Cable, Nationwide Insurance
o Fall, 2011: Cleveland: Sprint, FBI Field Office, WEWS-TV


Association of Telecommunications Professionals, Columbus, Ohio.
o President (2008), VP (2007)
o Board member, as past President, 2009-11

Fairfield ADAMH (Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health) Board, 2010-present
o Board secretary
o Director search committee

Lancaster United Methodist Church, Adult Sunday School Teacher, 2009-present

Youth Soccer Coach, Pickerington Area Soccer Association, 2009-9, 2011


IEEE Senior Member, elected 2006 (only 4200, 13% of IEEE members earn this rank or above)
o IEEE Communications Society
o Power and Energy Society
o IEEE Columbus Section

2012 Conference organizing committee member
o IEEE EnergyTech, Technical Committee
o IEEE/ACM Collaborative Technology and Systems, Local Arrangements Committee

Manuscript reviewer, various conferences and publications, ongoing


Baker and OURC

Building Committee

FBI Infragard

MILCOM Program Committee

ConnectOhio statistical audit


eComp Consultants, Tampa, FL 2010-present. Patent “expert witness” firm, consultancy includes confidential case preparation and public testimony.

State of Ohio Office of Information Technology, 2004-2009. Assigned to Chief Network Architect, providing independent technology analysis; outside reviewer of plans and designs for various new projects including Broadband Ohio core and access infrastructure; currently prototyping network-network interface service class and quality methods.

Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Public Transportation, 1988-2009. Developer of Transit Grants Information System, Public Transit Management System, Telephone Entry System for Specialized Transit, liaison to Battelle Memorial Institute Transportation on related systems.

Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Aviation, 1997-2009. Developer of Aviation Inventory and Maintenance System, Aircraft Registration System.

TRW Systems, Inc. , Reston, VA (now Northrup Grumman Mission Systems), 1999-2001.
Advisor on networks and security for Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communication Systems (MARCS).

Edison Industrial Systems Center, Inc., (now EISC, Inc.), Toledo, 1995-2001.
Ohio Department of Development Thomas Edison Center.
Advisor on Information Technology and projects for regional economic development.
Designer of NSF-funded Toledo Technology Academy voice, data, video networks.

Convergent, Inc. (West Chester, OH) 1997-2001.
Designer of IP infrastructure for Toledo Public Schools, Monroe (MI) Integrated School District.
Advisor on Parma (OH) Local School District wide area network.

Prior Employment History

Malone College, Canton, 1999 (Fall Semester)
Assistant Professor, Computer Science program, Department of Mathematics and Science
Teaching Responsibilities: C++, COBOL, Software Engineering

Edison Welding Institute, The Ohio State University, 1992-1996
Ohio Department of Development Thomas Edison center
Supported by Ph.D. Studies in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Symix Computer Systems (now INFOR, also known as MAPICS, Inc.), 1991-1992
Technical Manager for Systems Integration
Designed barcode, EDI, and WAN products and customer implementations
Unix/4GL package for Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Systemation, Inc. (Now Sogeti) 1988-1991
Clients included Kal-Kan/Mars Foods, The Limited, Nationwide Insurance, and State of Ohio
Projects included process control, material handling, actuarial accounting, public finance
Software applications development in C, Forth, COBOL, various 4GL’s

Energy Innovations, Inc., 1986-1988
Automatic electric/gas meter reading venture of Dayton Power and Light (now DPL, Inc.)
Product development, software engineering in microprocessor assembler

Arthur Andersen & Co. (Now Accenture) 1985-1986.
Clients included State of Ohio, Dayton Power and Light

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