Meet ITS Associate Professor, Julio Aráuz!

Professor Julio Aráuz

Dr. Aráuz has been teaching at Ohio University since 2009. Before coming to OU he taught for two years in his home country of Ecuador and worked at  NEC Network labs in Heidelberg, Germany. He decided to return to teaching because he missed the flexibility to research topics that he personally finds most interesting, such as the Internet of things, machine to machine communication, predictive systems and self-organizing systems.

Professor Aráuz teaches classes in networking, such as Data Networking and Wireless Telecommunication Networks, which include hands-on labs in the ITS lab space in the Schoonover Center.

One of Dr. Aráuz’ research interests is advancing telecommunications education toward innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities.  He recently started working in projects related to responsive cities. A responsive city is one in which technology is used to improves people´s life in meaningful, measurable ways. This is often in opposition to the term smart city, which these days refers to the indiscriminate use of technology regardless of the actual benefit on pressing urban issues.

He wants future students to see the real potential that responsible use of technology in cities can have in the world. Responsive cities and responsive communities are the future and “yeah we teach that.”

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