Meet 4+1 Graduate Student, Ryan Kemper!

ITS is a school that provides both an undergrad and grad program, however, something unique about us is how we combine the two with the 4+1 program.  Undergrad students can take their higher education even further with this program that enables them to receive a bachelor’s degree following four years of study, and a Master’s degree after one additional year of study.  Ryan Kemper, an excellent student in both the undergrad and grad programs, is a student who took advantage of this opportunity.

Kemper, from Ottoville, Ohio, is currently enrolled as a grad student. Having a passion for technology since early High School, when he started a computer repair service, Kemper was looking for a college program that suited him.

“I thought I was interested in CS, but I didn’t want to do coding. That made me move towards MIS, but it’s much more business related,” said Kemper. “That’s when I found ITS, it lets me stay technical by filling this niche role as an infrastructure specialist.”

Helping him fill the role is exactly what the ITS program did. Taking courses such as data networking, internet engineering, VOIP and scripting, ITS provided an education suitable for a successful career. This point evident in the extensive experience Kemper has had in his undergrad.

“I’ve had a lot of internships,” said Kemper. “I worked for Organic Technologies after my freshman year, then JP Morgan Chase my sophomore year and finally Nationwide for both junior and senior year.” In these internships, Kemper has held several different roles, including infrastructure, software development, networking and project management.

Kemper valued this experience and his undergrad education, but he still wanted more, which is why he decided to stay an extra year after graduating in 2018 with his bachelor’s degree. “OU is a great place and I enjoy being here,” he said. “Getting my graduate degree sets me up to advance my career quickly. Being able to condense a 2-3-year program, potentially, into 1 is great.”

Currently Kemper is juggling 3 concurrent jobs. The first is at OIT as a service desk representative, the second as a TA for internet engineering and VOIP classes, and finally Kemper’s very own consulting business. Notable is the third job, an expansion of Kemper’s high school business into a full-on consulting service which provides web hosting and networking planning.

School wise, Kemper is preparing for his comprehensive exams to complete his grad studies. Once he passes his exam and finishes grad school, Kemper has employment in IT at Nationwide Insurance.

“ITS is a unique program,” said Kemper. “Even though you have to market yourself, there are a lot of classes that no one else has, which sets you apart.”

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