Internship Information 2019


  • Internship Application, Cover Letter, Resume
    • Application and drafts of the cover letter and resume: Monday, March 4.
    • Final version of the cover letter and resume: Friday, March 8.

Internship Credit

There are two sections of ITS 4910, Internship in Communication.  Normally, sign up for the “Full Summer” one.  If you land an internship (that meets all ITS criteria) after the deadline to register for full summer, you can sign up for the “Second Summer” section.  Both section end on the same date, and your requirements are the same.

  • Full Summer: ITS 4910 Section 100, Class Number 1820. Starts 5/13/2019, deadline to register is 5/17/2019.
  • Second Summer: ITS 4910 Section 101, Class Number 1821. Starts 7/1/2019, deadline to register is 7/5/2019.
  • Deadline for Journals: 8/17/2019
  • Deadline for Performance Evaluation: submit with the Journal if possible, or as soon as received.  You cannot receive credit until the evaluation has been submitted.

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